Business Ideas for Parents

Parenting is no doubt one of the toughest jobs ever created, and it demands much of your time. For that reason, starting a home business while being a parent requires some special considerations. For example, you may find that it is difficult to punch into a time clock while takingRead More →

Is the Dollar Store really a deal?

It seems that a dollar store can be a great place to buy a lot of different kinds of items. And with everything priced as low as they are there, it would seem like a grand bargain whatever you purchase. ¬†But is it really a good deal? Is a DollarRead More →

Frugal living can mean eating more rice and beans to save money on your grocery bill...

You’ve probably heard the word frugal living thrown around a lot lately. No doubt fueled by a tough economy. But have you ever given some thought as to what it means by living frugally? Let’s take a look at what frugal living means, and we may even dispel a misconceptionRead More →

The pros and cons of working for yourself...

While many may view working for yourself as the perfect solution for a lot of life’s issues, it isn’t always the ideal solution. In fact, working for yourself may not be the best solution for many people. Before you consider branching out on your own, you should probably be awareRead More →

10 Common work at home jobs...

When you think about all the time and money spent working at a location, it starts adding up pretty quickly. ¬†Factor in the time spent getting ready to go to work and it becomes even more of an issue. That is one reason why many people are now pursuing workRead More →