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amazon giveaway

Did it go from winter straight to summer where you live? It did here. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, but it seems like more and more, these two seasons go by far too fast, or skipped altogether. In celebration of my favorite season, I wanted to join withRead More →

couponing for real people

Not everyone wants to be an extreme coupon user, but the money savings they offer can be attractive. Sure, they have a storeroom full of their trophies, but you just want to cut down on the grocery bill. Here are some tips on saving real money with couponing without goingRead More →

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Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Whether it is a desire to start your own business or to¬†better engage with a community, blogs are a great way to empower the individual and get the word out. There are some things to consider before you start a blog, though.Read More →

Talk to your family about working at home

Working at home can be an exciting new chapter in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and naturally, you expect everyone else will share your enthusiasm. However, that’s not always the case. Family members may not be entirely onboard the work at home train justRead More →

Home based jobs or home business?

So, you’ve decided to stop fighting the traffic, the office politics, and the wasted time and instead work from home. Whatever your reason, and there are plenty of valid ones, you now need to decide how you are going to work in your home office. To be more specific, areRead More →

How to cut your average grocery bill in half

If your average grocery bill leaves you with sticker shock, you’re not alone. After taking the time to add up all your expenses, you might be surprised to find that groceries are your second most significant expense after a home mortgage. If you don’t have a home mortgage (congrats andRead More →