Family budget bandwagon

It’s not always easy to get everyone on board when it comes to the family budget. But if your family is going to be successful, you need to have everyone committed to the end goal of prosperity. Here are some ideas and tips for getting everyone on board the familyRead More →

couponing for real people

Not everyone wants to be an extreme coupon user, but the money savings they offer can be attractive. Sure, they have a storeroom full of their trophies, but you just want to cut down on the grocery bill. Here are some tips on saving real money with couponing without goingRead More →

Streamline your bill pay and save time

I doubt if anyone would list their favorite activity as paying bills. So it always amazes me that most people seem to do whatever they can to make it last the longest. The sad part is that they there are many tools to speed up the process, but these justRead More →

How to cut your average grocery bill in half

If your average grocery bill leaves you with sticker shock, you’re not alone. After taking the time to add up all your expenses, you might be surprised to find that groceries are your second most significant expense after a home mortgage. If you don’t have a home mortgage (congrats andRead More →

Is the Dollar Store really a deal?

It seems that a dollar store can be a great place to buy a lot of different kinds of items. And with everything priced as low as they are there, it would seem like a grand bargain whatever you purchase. ┬áBut is it really a good deal? Is a DollarRead More →

Frugal living can mean eating more rice and beans to save money on your grocery bill...

You’ve probably heard the word frugal living thrown around a lot lately. No doubt fueled by a tough economy. But have you ever given some thought as to what it means by living frugally? Let’s take a look at what frugal living means, and we may even dispel a misconceptionRead More →

Stamp Collecting Hobby

Having a hobby and saving money is often polar opposites. In fact, in a lot of circles, the difference between a hobby and a side business is whether it makes money or costs money. But life is meant to be enjoyed, and if you have your debt under control, youRead More →

Buying is an emotional act

Zig Ziglar had a statement about buying that succinctly describes how people are manipulated into buying things they do not want or need. Ziglar said, People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons. -Zig Ziglar He brilliantly summed up the bulk of the advertising market with thatRead More →