Green Tips for a Small Business

A small business can still be a responsible business when it comes to the use of natural resources. With a little effort, you can make your small business green. Not only is it the right thing to do from a resource standpoint, but it also helps to paint your small business in a concerned, favorable light. And in many cases, going green can even save you a little green, if you know what I mean. With that said, let’s not hesitate to look at our green tips for a small business.

Green Tips for a Small Business

Green tips

Use Recycled Paper

One of our best green tips is to use recycled paper. A small business can quickly make the switch to using recycled paper. But it’s not just for internal use – consider using recycled paper for your print goods as well.

Today you can have all of your marketing materials printed on recycled paper, including flyers and pamphlets.

In fact, you can even have business cards printed using reclaimed paper products, which works well to send the right message. The message gets across if you make a point to say that it is recycled on business cards, flyers, and more.

It’s good to share that you care about the planet.

Use Email

Instead of sending out paper newsletters or bills, use email instead. Not only is this good from a green standpoint, but you also save the expense of mailing the material. You can also avoid the post office in the process.

Another good reason to switch to email is that it delivers almost immediately. When it comes time to do the billing, you get it into your customer’s hands quicker than typical mail delivery times.

Buy Local

By buying office supplies and materials locally, you save the added expense and waste associated with shipping to your location. In most cases, the deals you can find locally for your most-used office products will surprise you.

Use Remote Meetings

This is one of my favorite green tips because it saves time, money, and resources. Today it is incredibly easy to hold a meeting without the need for it to be face to face. By holding meetings remotely, you avoid all the waste associated with everyone coming to the agreed upon location. It can also be a huge time saver, something of which none of us have enough.

There are many ways to do a remote meeting now. There are plenty of services that offer an economical alternative, but even personal computers, smartphones, and tablets now allow for this. FaceTime and Skype remain popular choices, as are other video chat services.

Use Green Promotional Items

When it comes to promotional items, pick those that have a green impact. For example, instead of water in branded plastic bottles, use branded reusable water bottles instead.

Not only is it better for the environment, but they will be looking at your logo a lot longer as well.

Coffee mugs are another great green choice for a¬†promotional gift. A coffee mug gets reused, and they see your business logo when it does. Besides, what company wouldn’t want to be associated with that first mug of coffee for the day.

With a little effort, you can have your small business practicing good green habits. Our green tips will help you save money as you send the right message to your customers.

You can even visit Dr. Usha Rajagopal and try for a $1000 grant to help you go green. Going green can save you money and time while it helps to promote your business. Now that sounds like a deal to me.