Frugal living can mean eating more rice and beans to save money on your grocery bill...

You’ve probably heard the word frugal living thrown around a lot lately. No doubt fueled by a tough economy. But have you ever given some thought as to what it means by living frugally? Let’s take a look at what frugal living means, and we may even dispel a misconceptionRead More →

The pros and cons of working for yourself...

While many may view working for yourself as the perfect solution for a lot of life’s issues, it isn’t always the ideal solution. In fact, working for yourself may not be the best solution for many people. Before you consider branching out on your own, you should probably be awareRead More →

Why you need an emergency fund for a rainy day...

Have you ever thought about building an emergency fund? If you don’t have one, I’m here to tell you one thing: you need an emergency fund. You may have questions about how to create one or how big it needs to be, so let’s take a look. You Need An EmergencyRead More →

Stamp Collecting Hobby

Having a hobby and saving money is often polar opposites. In fact, in a lot of circles, the difference between a hobby and a side business is whether it makes money or costs money. But life is meant to be enjoyed, and if you have your debt under control, youRead More →

Buying is an emotional act

Zig Ziglar had a statement about buying that succinctly describes how people are manipulated into buying things they do not want or need. Ziglar said, People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons. -Zig Ziglar He brilliantly summed up the bulk of the advertising market with thatRead More →

Duplicate services to avoid paying for twice

Next time you receive a service bill (hopefully you’ve switched to email billing), take a look at the services provided and ask yourself a simple question: Am I already getting this service through another source? It seems amazing that people would pay twice for a given service, but there isRead More →

10 Common work at home jobs...

When you think about all the time and money spent working at a location, it starts adding up pretty quickly.  Factor in the time spent getting ready to go to work and it becomes even more of an issue. That is one reason why many people are now pursuing workRead More →

Get Out Of Debt

Getting out of debt is one of the most challenging obstacles when it comes to personal freedom. Debt can be a cruel taskmaster, taking any spare money that you happen to have, and sometimes taking the money that you don’t have to spare. The ugly truth is that debt is designedRead More →