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Stay Cool with These Cheap Tips

I certainly enjoyed those two days of Spring this year. But now Summer is almost here, and it is bringing the heat with it.  If you are like me, you wish there was a way to stay cool without breaking the bank. Well, here are some tips I found to help you stay cool without breaking a financial sweat.

Stay Cool Cheaply

Stay Cool with These Cheap Tips

Take a Shower and Dry Off with a Fan

stay cool

It is incredible how much better a shower can make you feel.  While this is true for of life’s problems, it can also help you beat the heat. But one trick to make it especially cooling is to finish drying by standing in front of a fan.

The evaporation will drop your skin temperature, leaving you more relaxed. And since you are already prepared for the fan, bring along a spray bottle to keep the cool going. Don’t worry what anyone says, it’s absolutely okay to spend an hour drying off when it’s this refreshing.

Keep the Curtains Closed During the Day

stay cool

I know it might seem like you are trying to get away with something suspicious, but keeping the curtains drawn during the daytime is a great way to block the sun from heating up all the rooms. You’ll come home to a cooler house without spending an extra dime.

And just ignore those questioning looks from the neighbors, do you want to stay cool or be popular?

Stay Cool by Freezing Your Pillowcase

stay cool

If the heat is following you to bed and sleeping with you, here is a tip that may help you keep your cool in the sack. Take your pillowcase and pop it in the freezer for a while before going to bed. The colder surface of the pillow will nudge you right into slumber town.

Of course, if you have a large freezer with plenty of room, no one is stopping you from going wild and putting your whole pillow and the sheet set in the ice box as well. But please, refrain from getting too carried away.

Avoid the Oven

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So, you have been eating a lot of baked potatoes lately, and just love that fresh-baked taste. But that oven you’ve run at a thousand degrees for the past hour has turned the kitchen into a sauna. Next time use the microwave and leave the oven for other times.

If you still need something baked, consider using a toaster oven. Toaster ovens use a lot less energy and heat up faster without the thermal impact to the rest of the house. Plus, I hear that they can even make toast.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

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Have you ever felt an incandescent light bulb that has been on for any amount of time? If not, let me describe it – it’s hot! That heat can help to raise the temperature of the room from merely uncomfortable to midday dessert.

Change those bulbs to a modern LED type, and you will save money as you keep the room cooler. Now, wasn’t that a bright tip to stay cool?

And it might seem like such a small thing that it wouldn’t matter, but all these tips add up for bigger results.

Drink Lots of Water

stay cool

Finally, remember to stay hydrated when the weather gets hot. Dehydration can happen fast when the temperature climbs, so combat it will a cold drink. You can even get creative with the cooling juice by infusing it with your favorite fruits and vegetables. It amazes how cooling and satisfying a little cucumber and lemon water can be on a hot day.

With a little effort, you can stay cool on a hot day without breaking the bank. And since you are saving some money, revisit your home budget and see if you can throw that money at your debt snowball.

stay cool

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