Simple Actions Repeated Daily Give Big Results

Simple actions repeated daily give significant results. Of course, you could also say that simple errors done every day will also deliver substantial results, just not the kind you want. Jim Rohn is on record stating,
Failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day – Jim Rohn
The mightiest things on Earth are sometimes formed by the steady application of small changes. Take, for example, the way the wind can wear down a mountain. Or the way simple running water can create huge chasms in solid rock. This simple but steady pressure can create works greater than the moment itself.
Simple Actions

Simple Actions Repeated Daily Give Big Results

It’s Human Nature

And so it is with human nature. The simple but steady application of corrective simple actions can bring about great changes, changes that are bigger than any single moment itself. However, the reverse is certainly true – a  simple incorrect action, repeated daily, can create a problem much bigger than any single moment of error being done.
Simple Actions
Huge failures are often created so simply, by just making a few errors, repeated over time.  So the trick (and useful success secret) is to recognize the mistake and correct it.  But how do you see the error before it is too late to succeed?

Step Back And Look

In many ways, that is where experience comes in, and it is a lesson often learned from failure itself. But it does not require failure to see potential problems in the making. Take the time to step back and look at where you are headed. Have a plan, with dates for milestones, for obtaining your success.  Now, benchmarks are not required to be set in stone, and they will often not hit as expected, but the important thing here is to look for trends.
Trends can show you how you are performing and gives a fairly good indication of where everything is headed, as well as how fast it is going there. As a pattern of action gets built up that creates trend momentum toward your goal, it allows for a good chance to examine all actions being performed and asking yourself a simple question – is this helping or hurting your overall success strategy? By reviewing your actions in this way, you are taking stock of energies expended towards your goals.

Take Stock Of Your Simple Actions With A List

Take stock of your actions, and write them down by making a list, with a short description of the contributive goal you expect from them.  Let some unit of time pass to build a quantitive assessment, then re-examine the actions against your list. How are they hitting your expectations? Do you need to modify any actions to make your personal success happen?  Often you will find that small changes work best in reaching a goal.
Simple Actions Repeated Daily Give Big Results
This method of mechanical assessment is something that those with experience or a good feel for a project can do automatically, but creating habits start with the application of the process. Learning to build good habits is a cornerstone of personal development.