5 Ways to Know You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you sometimes find it hard to follow the whims of others, when you see a better path yourself? Do you feel like you could be doing something so much better with your life if only you had control of the reins? Well, maybe there is some truth to those thoughts. You could be an entrepreneur at heart, just waiting to bust out on your own. Here are five ways to know that you might have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

5 Ways to Know You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

You Want to Follow Your Passion

Finding it hard to stay in step at work? Ask yourself what the last thing that you felt very passionate about, the subject that got your heart pumping and your imagination soaring was. Maybe it was something in a conversation you were having with someone.

The important thing is not the person with whom you were having the conversation. In fact, sometimes we tell perfect strangers that which we won’t share with those closest to us. No, the important thing is the topic.

Did you feel compelled to do more with the subject at hand? If you felt a strong desire to follow this passion, whatever it takes, you may have an entrepreneurial spirit.

You Constantly Seek to Do Better

Believe it or not, it takes a special person to want to make the ordinary better. Merely accepting how things work and how they are is not something that a person with an entrepreneurial spirit tends to do.

If instead, you question the way ordinary things are and want them to be better, it is a good indication that you have the drive to go beyond the ordinary. You may have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Possibilities Excite You

Do you have a passion for doing, building, creating, or exploring something? When you think about how things could unfold with that passion, do you get excited?  An entrepreneur doesn’t waste their time thinking about what they can’t do.

Instead, they will be asking themselves the critical question, “Why can’t I?” Let’s face it; the odds are against you when first starting out. It is going to require hard effort and a lot of undying optimism to make it work.

If the possibilities genuinely excite you instead of scare you, you may have an entrepreneurial spirit.

You Are Willing to Take the Calculated Risk

If only all it took were undying optimism and hard work, there would probably be a lot more successful entrepreneurs. But there is more to the story. The successful entrepreneur must be able to take the risk. But instead of a random risk, they must be able to weigh and assess a calculated risk accurately.

Once the risk his judged, the entrepreneur must be willing to leap. But they must also stay light on their feet and be ready to take the next calculated leap until the landing is sure.

If you are willing to accurately assess and make the calculated risk while remaining highly adaptable, you may have an entrepreneurial spirit.

You Follow Through to Execution

Having passion about an idea is an excellent indication that you want to do more with your life. Seeking to do better with everything around you shows that you want to make things better. Being optimistic about the possibilities and being ready to calculate the risk is very important to success. But that is not enough.

The most critical decision you must make to prove that you have an entrepreneurial spirit is in doing the execution. Until you pull that trigger, start that business, create that site, write that book, or whatever else it is you feel passionate about doing, you will not be a success. But if you can execute on your passion, then you DO have an entrepreneurial spirit.

It is that simple.

Whatever you want to do, believe in it. Whether it is something done in tech or other unique paths to follow, you need to do two things: believe in yourself, and do it. Otherwise, you will spend a lifetime never knowing the answer to the question, Do I have an entrepreneurial spirit?